Innovative business models for SMEs in the


The goal of this research project at the Howest University of Applied Sciences is to map how metaverse and Web3 applications can be used to help Flemish SMEs in retail & product development, both in terms of new digital products as well as supporting the sales of (existing or novel) physical products.

Aside from that, we want to develop a few concrete use cases in collaboration with our partners into proof-of-concepts, and lastly, we’ll translate these insights into scripts and guides for the SME. Through the Flemish IT and Technology companies who are partners in this project, even the smaller SMEs will be able to make the jump to the virtual world.

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Literature review

Literature review of business models and technologies in the digital and virtual world.


Provide a selection of technological solutions that are achievable and desirable for the Flemish SME.

Use Cases

Several use cases will be implemented and thoroughly tested.

Business models

Business models are designed, verified, and described.


All obtained knowledge will be disseminated, shared, and valorized.


Kurt Callewaert

Valorisation Manager

Howest Digital Transformation

Shane Deconinck

Web 3.0 Lead | Research Manager

Howest Applied Computer Sciences

Jonathan Maes

Business Consultant | Project Manager

Howest Business Management

Valerio Mattioli

Blockchain Developer

Howest Applied Computer Sciences

Jens Eeckhout

XR Developer

Howest Applied Computer Sciences